We’ve been reading about the rising African middle class and urban consumer boom. Here’s the interior of one of the Naivas chain of supermarkets, from a peri urban location on the outskirts of Nairobi. They’ve recently invested heavily in international retail design, as you can see by the layouts in the fresh food section, including offering deli style takeaway of prepared foods and snacks. Most of their supermarkets also have a small snackbar and coffeeshop, often with free wifi for customers. While the vegetables may be familar to mama, its interesting to note that these photos could have been taken anywhere else in the world. What still remains to be put in place, however, are modern cold chains back to the farms. Most such vegetables are still sourced through the myriads of small markets and farms through an extended informal network of transporters, buyers, aggregators and brokers.

Photo Credit: Niti Bhan

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