Boosting African gaming with locally relevant content.

That’s what Cameroon-based Kiro’o Games wants to achieve. Now they have created the first African fantasy game, AURION: Legacy of the Kori-Odan. So far Africa’s rich and diverse cultures is seldom incorporated into computer games.

Game designers have mostly focused on American, Middle Eastern and Greek cultures as inspiration for their virtual worlds. Olivier Madiba of Cameroon-based Kiro’o Games wants to change this.

In an interview with HumanIPO about the emerging African computer games industry he says:

“In South Africa, North Africa and West Africa there is already a lot of support for game developers … In Central Africa we are the first and it is a little bit more difficult to make them understand the opportunity. But it is starting to change with our project. If we succeed, it will open the eyes of many people.”

An avid video games player as a teen, Madiba explored the opportunities of game design when he joined university at 18. Soon he created his first game AURION, and added improvements to it version by version. Together with two friends – Hugues Gérald Nono Wouafo and Dominique Yakan Brand – he founded Kiro’o Games. Recently selected on VC4Africa’s September Cohort, Kiro’o Games’ new release aims to create the first ever computer game based on African Fantasy.

For the creation of AURION: Legacy of the Kori-Odan the company developed a design formula dubbed the “Kiro’o Tales” method, with a precise set of rules for narration, illustration, design, and audio. The story line incorporates local traditions and tales of the Cameroon Sawa ethnic group.

(via Kiro’o Tales, Fantasy Games from Africa | TheNewAfrica)

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